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Welcome to Prestige Sound & Entertainment, LLC. We are veteran owned, and have been providing sound and entertainment for over twenty years in Michigan. Our combined experience stems from backgrounds that include: weddings, on air radio, bar/nightclub, charity, corporate and school events. There is so much talent here in western Michigan, and we are proud to have on our team dedicated members of such nature. We invite you to continue through our site.



We will create the best experience that is tailored exactly to how you've imagined your special day to be. 

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How do I know what to look for in a DJing service?  Are all DJ's just the same?  What makes one company better than another?  Why should we choose your company?  I may know someone who owns equipment that might do it for free.

What do we need to know?

What to look for in a professional DJing company


One of the most important aspects of a DJ is their experience and knowledge of the industry. They should be well versed in the following: music genres, equipment effectiveness, customer service and troubleshooting. Since one event is different from the next, the DJ should know how to transition from one to another and be comfortable in doing so. This type of talent is not gained over night or by viewing tutorials on YouTube. Prestige Sound & Entertainment, LLC DJ’s have had years of experience working not only with weddings and special events, but also with in the fundamentals of music and sound production.


Many people are unfamiliar with a DJ’s equipment. How would one know how to tell if the equipment is quality or not? Common retail stores sell entry level equipment that may not even last through the year. Professional DJs will use “industry grade” equipment that is meant to take wear and tear over a long period of time. At Prestige Sound & Entertainment, we use such industry grade equipment from: Apple, JBL, QSC, Pioneer, Numark, American DJ, Chauvet and Shure. Although that it is highly unlikely, if a problem should arise with any of our equipment, we have back up gear ready and available.


How does music differ? Is it not all the same? Music can be downloaded almost anywhere these days, yet the actual quality of a track can mean a world of difference. A professional DJ will hand select tracks from a trusted quality source. At Prestige Sound & Entertainment, LLC we subscribe to Prime Cuts, a company who supplies us with the latest popular tracks amongst various genres in order to provide our clients with the best sound and packed dance floors. If you have a song that is hard to find, we most likely will already have it for you, and if not, we can have it at moment’s notice.


Presentation is key. The entire set up should look picture perfect. First, the equipment should be clean, free from dust and mark ups. All wires need to be tied up neat and out of view. Tables or booths should not look like a fortress, hiding the DJ from the crowd. Smaller “blinds” or facades give that professional look where a DJ’s work can be observed. DJ attire should be nothing short of business casual (dress slacks, button down shirt and on occasion a tie).

References & Reviews

Who are you and where have you been? The DJ you are looking into may not be who they claim to be. It is always good to ask them for reviews from past clients or even with venues that they have performed in. At Prestige Sound & Entertainment, LLC we invite prospecting clients out to view how we perform as well as interact with the crowd. We also utilize professional sites like WeddingWire where our reviews can be viewed. In addition, we are accredited with the West Michigan Wedding Association.


Having a contract with your DJ is more important than some may think. Our services have at least five or more “last minute” bookings a year due to cancelations. Why do DJ’s cancel? If they are an established and professional company, then they will never cancel. Unprofessional DJ’s such as: friends of a family, a coworker who has some equipment or someone found on sites like Craigslist tend to cancel over 90% of the time, found in cases we have come across. By putting YOUR “wedding day” in the hands of a friend who may be giving you a good deal, may in fact ruin the big day. As a professional company, we advise that you should always have a contract. Another big factor in conjunction to this, is pricing. Some individuals are looking to have over a $1000 worth of services provided for under $300. Please remember that old saying. "You will get what you pay for!"

Please utilize this as a guideline for future events. Since there are many factors that go into choosing a DJ, we welcome any questions or concerns you may have about your entertainment needs. Please take serious consideration when deciding on the DJ for your next event. It may cost you more in the long run hiring an amateur over a professional.